Do NOT Sell A Used Vehicle Without Doing This

This is the absolute best time in history to sell your car.

A computer chip shortage has devastated global car production, causing used car prices to skyrocket by 32.7% over the past 12 months — the highest prices ever recorded.

To make matters worse, experts fear it won’t slow down any time soon. Used car prices jumped more than 10.5% in June alone — the fastest they’ve ever increased.

If you’re an American who owns a car, this means two things for you:

  1. It’s never been more important to AVOID buying a car.
  2. You could earn a HUGE profit from this chaos — in fact, it could be the easiest money you’ll ever make in your life.

Today we’ll explain how you can do both of those things easily — and by the end of this article, you’ll be prepared to not only survive but thrive during this hectic and financially uncertain time.

Don’t fear the price hikes — this is actually the biggest opportunity you may ever see as a car owner.

You see, while some people are being forced to pay thousands more for used cars than they did just last year… a small number of smart consumers are taking advantage of the situation.

In fact, you could potentially earn $10,000+ in profit before this mess is over… and you’ll hardly have to lift a finger.

The idea is simple: Give your car the right maintenance, and you’ll earn a disproportionate profit right now (assuming you act fast enough).

For example, a car that would have cost $35,000 last year is currently selling for about $46,200.

That’s $11,200 in your pocket if you choose to sell now — but only IF your car is in the best condition possible.

Of course, if you’ve been driving it for a while, your car probably isn’t in the best condition. You might only get $40,000… which is still a nice profit, but it’s $6,200 less than what you would have made if you’d simply made a few smart repairs.

That’s why getting a good deal on maintenance is more important than ever — but it’s not easy.

If you want to profit from this situation (or at least avoid paying these crazy prices), your goal is simple: Make the right repairs without paying an arm and a leg. Whether you’re looking to profit or survive, this is undeniably important.

If you already have extensive car knowledge, this is great. All you have to do is make the repairs and BOOM — you’ve earned a huge profit for hardly any work.

Of course, for those of us without car knowledge (or a mechanic friend), this can be easier said than done.

But don’t worry — there is hope for us “average drivers”. As you read this, thousands of smart consumers are using what mechanics call a “dirty trick” to get fair prices on repairs. And you can use the same trick — it’s not a secret.

Not only does this trick help them maximize their car’s value for the lowest possible price, it also helps them avoid a tragic breakdown — which would put you on the “wrong side” of this lopsided market.

The “trick” is simple: they’re using a new smart device that helps you maximize your car value AND keep it in excellent condition… for pennies on the dollar.

Owning the device is like having a free mechanic in your pocket who doesn’t charge you for advice. This keeps maintenance costs low and fair for you — plus, it guides you to the right decisions to protect your car… and it doesn’t charge a penny in service fees.

The device is called FIXD — and it’s exploded in popularity since the crisis began.

The device, called FIXD, was invented by three Georgia Tech graduates who were tired of seeing their friends and family get ripped off by mechanics.

As lifelong mechanics themselves, they knew all the tricks… and they knew just how to equip consumers to avoid them.

Shortly before the used car crisis began, they released FIXD: a simple device that plugs into your car and tells you what’s wrong in plain English.

It tells you which repairs are critical and the risks you’ll face if you don’t take care of them, allowing you to make smarter (and less expensive) decisions about your car.

And in case you do need a repair, FIXD even tells you how much you should expect to pay at the mechanic — so you’ll always get a fair price.

Most importantly, the device is universal and easy to use. Anyone can use FIXD on any car made after 1996 — all you need is a smartphone. There are no monthly fees and you don’t need any car knowledge to install it.

FIXD has become a MUST-HAVE for car owners — it helps you avoid financial disaster and maximizes your profit if you plan to sell.

Before FIXD existed, you had no choice but to trust your mechanic. But with FIXD, you have the same information your mechanic does… which finally levels the playing field.

Putting this information in your hands allows you to take control over your vehicle (and its costs) in ways that weren’t possible before. It’s a huge win for everyone — except, perhaps, mechanics.

Even better, FIXD isn’t just useful during a crisis — it’ll keep saving you money well after prices return to normal. By catching problems early and performing important maintenance tasks regularly, you’ll avoid bigger bills and major problems down the line all year round.

Bottom line: As long as used car prices continue to soar, taking care of your car will remain the most important thing you can do… and if you don’t have extensive car knowledge, FIXD is the best way to keep your costs down.

Now that it’s available to the public, every driver should have one. It doesn’t just pay for itself, it also puts the power back in your hands. Crisis or not, that’s priceless.

Update: Here’s where to find the best price on FIXD

Thank you all for your responses! We’re overjoyed that this article has been helpful to so many of you — it feels great to know we’ve helped you avoid getting taken advantage of and even gain some peace of mind despite this crazy situation.

Naturally, the #1 question we received was: “Where can I get one?!”

That’s easy — simply click the button below! This will direct you to the official FIXD website.

You might think something like this would cost hundreds of dollars, right? That's what makes FIXD so great. The CEO of FIXD made it so you can buy directly from their website, cutting out the middleman and expensive markups. He wanted to make it affordable for anyone so they can help as many people as possible avoid expensive auto repairs.

It retails for just $59.99 + S/H… but even better, they’re offering a special deal: For a limited time, you can get a FREE FIXD when you buy 2 — or 50% OFF your second FIXD. (It makes a great gift for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of car knowledge!).

If you compare this to just one trip to the mechanic… it's a no-brainer! A small investment that's less than a tank of gas could keep your car running, and not off to expensive auto shops.

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