1,007,492 Million People Are Raving About FIXD – Find Out Why…

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FIXD is the car health monitor that every car with an OBD-II port MUST have! Mechanics charge you $40 to $400 to use this VERY SAME port when diagnosing your car’s issues. Yet, FIXD continuously diagnoses your car & provides real-time updates ALL DAY, EVERYDAY…for about the cost of a tank of gas!

Simply plug FIXD into your car (right where the mechanic does), download the 100% FREE FIXD app (for iOS & Droid), sync your car with the app – done. FIXD uses an advanced Dual-band 3.0 plus 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth Wireless Technology to continually communicate with your phone – informing you of any potential issues.

So instead of panicking when the ‘Check Engine’ light comes on, simply check your phone. The app will tell you EXACTLY why it came on in plain easy-to-understand english.

And that’s just the beginning. FIXD provides cost estimates, phone numbers of local, trusted mechanics, sends you maintenance reminders, recall issues…and so much MORE!

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Never want to worry about your ‘Check Engine’ light again?!

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This team of Georgia Tech grads created FIXD to give drivers like you and me…

Peace-of-Mind!    Confidence!    Control!

Whether it’s for your wife, husband, your children, or just YOU! FIXD will alert you to OVER 7,000 potential issues!  So no one ever has to live in fear of the ‘UNKNOWN’ when it comes to their car again!

Imagine plugging FIXD into your vehicle and experiencing INSTANT RELIEF because now you know you NEVER HAVE TO…

  • Panic when your ‘Check Engine’ light comes on
  • Worry about if you’re paying more than necessary at the auto shop
  • Wonder how much a part or service costs
  • Talk to an unknown, untrusted mechanic
  • Be surprised by scheduled oil changes or maintenance reminders
  • And soooo much MORE!

PLUS, FIXD is adding new features and upgrades all the time! They just added a Mechanic Hotline where FIXD ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence) mechanics can help you repair your car, direct you to trusted mechanic shops, and even give you a 2nd opinion on your repair bill!

Just think…if a mechanic quotes you $3,000 you can look at your FIXD app and either say, ‘Yep, sounds about right.’ or laugh hysterically and say, ‘Nice try! I’ll be moving on now!’

And with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for what amounts to the cost of a few Lattes, FIXD puts you squarely in control of your car for YEARS (which is certainly worth more than a few lattes)!


As of Friday, November 27th 2020, FIXD is still offering this incredible deal…


But HURRY because it could end any day now – so go take advantage of this offer while you still can!

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