EXPOSED: The Top 3 Ways Mechanics Can Rip You Off!

New device tells you what shady mechanics won’t – the TRUTH! Over 50,000 sold every MONTH!

Do you have any idea how easy it is for shady mechanics to rip you off? Too easy. And they know it. And they exploit it…they exploit YOU!  But don’t feel bad. They exploit anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on – and that’s MOST EVERYONE!

So how do you protect your pocketbook…and your pride when taking your car into an autoshop? Well, you know the old saying – ‘KNOWLEDGE is power!’

Your first line of defense is knowing EXACTLY what your car needs BEFORE you take it into the shop. Which is easier than you might think – more on that in a minute.

Your second line of defense is knowing what opportunities shady mechanics are looking for when trying to rip you off. Unfortunately, there are many of them.

But here are the 3 BIGGEST opportunities crooked mechanics look for when they want to rip you off…

Ripoff Opportunity #1: “Check Engine Light’

When that ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on, it means instant stress for you and ‘Cha-Ching’ for the mechanic.

The ‘Check Engine Light’ is often referred to as ‘The Idiot Light’ because mechanics know you have NO IDEA why it came on. So they can treat you like an idiot by telling you whatever they want! It’s the easiest way for them to jack up your bill with unnecessary repairs and labor.

Ripoff Opportunity #2: ‘Tune Ups/Maintenance’

Not every ‘tune up’ is the same – especially in the hands of a mechanic looking to put the squeeze on your wallet.

Check your car’s manual or simply Google it’s maintenance requirements. But go into the shop armed with the knowledge of knowing what needs to be done. Otherwise, a fairly quick 30-Point Inspection can turn into an overnight stay and suddenly you’re walking out the door with a massive bill for parts & labor that you didn’t actually need.

Ripoff Opportunity #3: ‘Oil Change’

Here’s the thing, auto shops actually lose money on $19 oil changes.

Ever notice when you go in for a quick oil change, that before you can sit down the service guy’s rattling off a list of ‘Flushes’ you need done – coolant flush, transmission flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush and on and on. It’s affectionately known as ‘The Wallet Flush’ in industry circles – and now you know why.

The Secret Weapon To Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

Have you looked under the hood recently. Today’s engines are ridiculously complicated!

Well, thanks to powerful little device called FIXD, that insanely complicated car is now insanely easy for you to understand.

By plugging FIXD into your car’s OBD port (all cars built after ‘96 have them), you are virtually guaranteed to save $1,000’s from unwanted and unnecessary repairs!

Simply stated, FIXD tells you precisely what’s going on with your car and what needs to be done. Things like …

✔️ Why exactly your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on.

✔️ How severe a particular problem is.

✔️ Consequences of ignoring a problem.

✔️ When your car is due for a maintenance check

✔️ When it’s time for your next Oil change

✔️ And more…

With FIXD, it really is like having your very own personal mechanic along for every ride. Best part is, this mechanic won’t lie! Shady mechanics don’t stand a chance!

How FIXD Eliminates The STRESS Of Car Trouble

FIXD keeps you informed by continuously monitoring your vehicle. So the second you turn your car on, FIXD instantly starts inspecting your car and immediately reports any detected issues. In fact…

FIXD alerts you to over 7,000 potential issues –  in real time!

But it gets better! Here are just 3 of the many useful features you’ll find incredibly helpful…

1. Easy-to-Understand ‘Check Engine Light’ Translations

Yep. Quite possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread. FIXD detects the exact problem(s) that triggered that one ridiculously generic light and translates it into easy to understand terms for you.

BONUS Feature: You can actually turn off the ‘Check Engine Light’ yourself. It’s quick and easy and prevents you from facing those shady mechanics to begin with!

2. See How SEVERE The Problem Is

That generic ‘Check Engine Light’ can’t tell you how critical an issue is. It only knows ‘On’ and ‘Off’ – not very helpful. But FIXD actually tells you how severe the problem is and it even tells you what the consequences are if you ignore the problem.

3. Oil Change & Maintenance Reminders

As soon as you plug FIXD in, it syncs up with your car’s make, model and its current miles. Then based on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance timeline, FIXD sends updates to your phone when it’s getting close to take your car in.

Planning for a day without your car just got a lot easier!

Honestly, FIXD has so many other great features, they’re simply too many to list.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the best part. When you consider that FIXD can save you $1000’s in unnecessary repairs and replacements, FIXD should cost $200, $300 easy! But you can get FIXD for ONLY $59! One time payment – NO ongoing fees!

Where Can I Get Mine?

Just go to their official website here.

Summertime Special!

Special Offer:

As of May 29, 2024, FIXD is still offering a great deal of Get 1 FREE when you buy 2!

Which is awesome because they make fantastic gifts for family. Got kids? Worry about how they’re treating their car? Plug FIXD into your kid’s car and keep an eye on it right from YOUR PHONE! Gotta love that!

Your Most Powerful Defense To Getting Scammed By Shady Mechanics Is Here!

Think about it. Every time your check engine light turns on; you hear that weird little ‘clicking’ or ‘whirring’ sound; you need to go to the auto shop, instead of going in blind and ignorant, you’ll go in fully prepared!

Imagine the peace-of-mind, the confidence, and the sense of empowerment when you’re ready to face that mechanic. You can tell him what he needs to repair or replace rather then having him tell you! That kind of unwavering confidence is priceless!

Shady mechanics have met their match – but only if you have FIXD on your side!

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